Monday, September 1, 2008

Angel Dreams Boutique 1st. Birthday Party

Happy 1st Birthday Angel Dreams Boutique!!!

Come be apart of our 1 year birthday celebration!

♥Angel Dreams Boutique♥

We are giving away our Birthday Collab kit for free!
Starting September 1 each part of the collab will be placed into the store
You will then be able to download it for free and don't forget to check back
each day to download the next part released to collect the Birthday Mega Kit!!

Also we are having a special Grab Bag special
where a few of the designers has come up
with a special grab bag pack with surprises
and you can pick up each of these Grab Bags
for only 1 Euro!!! Yes you heard!!!
Just 1 Euro but special is good for only 1 week!

There will also be sales through out the store for 40% off from Sept. 1 - Sept. 7
Also be sure to check out our blog be clicking on this link:

for a special blog challenge and you can be one of the winners to win a store coupon!

Here is a preview of our free Birthday Mega Collab
But you need to collect all parts each day in our store!

Lastly I would like to give you
a sneak peek of what is included in my special grab bag.
It has about 134 MB of goodies.
Its a full kit for only 1 Euro for one week only!
Also be sure to check out the other designer grab bags
Then combine them all to get one huge mega kit
Hint: All grab bags will coordinate each other but everything is different

Now this is whats included in my grab bag!

Surprise Revealed!!!!

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